Planes, Trains, Automobiles… and Blockchain?

CEMC September 2017 Newsletter on Blockchain

Over the last few years, I am sure that blockchain has been on the radar for most CEMC members. As early as 2014, blockchain has had a whirlwind effect on Wall Street with blockchain fintech companies sprouting from coast to coast

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What You Can Learn About Starting a Business From the Fintech Industry

Publication: INC | Author: Jeremy Quittner

The financial technology sector has gone through impressive innovation in the past few years. This success may prove to be valuable for many startups today. Fintech has a few tips on how to start a business in 2016.

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Millennial Personal Finance: 63 Fintech Startups Targeting Millennials

Publication: CB Insights

Now, a host of fintech startups, and the investors backing them, are banking on millennials as a key demographic for their success. Fintech startups prominent in the millennial demographic range include “robo-advisors” offering low-cost alternatives to brokerages, to lending firms innovating in credit risk, and stock-picking and automated savings apps.

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Industry Problem Statements — Global Fintech Hackcelerator

Publication: Singapore Fintech Festival

What challenges do we face using data-driven credit decisioning, electronic documents, and digital fraud protection? And more importantly, how do we overcome them? Read more here:

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