CEMC 2018 FinTech Innovation Summit – What To Expect This Year

Written by Patricia Voorhees of the Alta Group

Patricia Voorhees, a director of The Alta Group featured CEMC Chairman, Scott Cohen to discuss the 2018 FinTech Innovation Summit – what to expect, how it will differ from the prior year, and why we should expect the “unexpected”.

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Big Data’s Implications for the Future of Asset Valuations

CEMC December 2017 Newsletter

The reality is that substantial risk hinges on accurate assessments of not only FMV (Fair Market Value) but crucial liquidation values including FLV (Forced Liquidation Value) and OLV (Orderly Liquidation Value). The question is: how can financial institutions—from captive finance companies working on behalf of manufacturers to independent lenders large and small—mitigate those valuation risks? The answer is big data, or rather, is powered by big data.

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Planes, Trains, Automobiles… and Blockchain?

CEMC September 2017 Newsletter on Blockchain

Over the last few years, I am sure that blockchain has been on the radar for most CEMC members. As early as 2014, blockchain has had a whirlwind effect on Wall Street with blockchain fintech companies sprouting from coast to coast

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Millennial Personal Finance: 63 Fintech Startups Targeting Millennials

Publication: CB Insights

Now, a host of fintech startups, and the investors backing them, are banking on millennials as a key demographic for their success. Fintech startups prominent in the millennial demographic range include “robo-advisors” offering low-cost alternatives to brokerages, to lending firms innovating in credit risk, and stock-picking and automated savings apps.

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Industry Problem Statements — Global Fintech Hackcelerator

Publication: Singapore Fintech Festival

What challenges do we face using data-driven credit decisioning, electronic documents, and digital fraud protection? And more importantly, how do we overcome them? Read more here:

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